Victoria Guggenheim

Victoria Guggenheim

Victoria Guggenheim is an award-winning body painter who sees the expression of your sexuality, and the autonomous use of the body as a human right. Censoring the human body is an act of closed mindedness and prudery and is a form of oppression. People confuse it especially when it’s on a female body, as porn.

The conflation of art with porn, and the idea that a woman’s body is obscene is largely due to organised religion’s view of the female form.

Bodypainting isn’t just a way to connect back with one’s own body, it is a source of power especially when used in conjunction with political activism such as the international day to defend Amina. The art form is visceral and immediate.

It is almost impossible for one to not take notice when someone is covered in paint and with good reason – it was the first art form dating back to 300,000 years ago.  

Victoria has worked with people who have disabilities and mental health issues and those who are ashamed of their body to get them to see themselves in new ways. People who are pathologically shy can become roaring dragons, people who are depressed can see themselves in a new skin, and people who are disabled can reclaim their body in a beautiful and artistic way. It often makes them realise the potential for beauty, and the strength their body has. 

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